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Debunking The Myths Of Student Loan Refinancing
There are a lot of myths surrounding student loan refinancing. Some of them come from confusion and misinformation. Some of them come from paperwork processing companies trying to scam consumers and intentionally misinforming them. But for many, it's …
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How Should You Refinance Your Student Loans?
This fueled my desire to learn more about student loans, which led to a meeting with Dan Macklin, one of the co-founders of SoFi, the first company to offer refinancing options for federal student loans. As the largest student loan refinancing lender …
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What to know about new student loan repayment option
Only federal loans borrowed through the Direct Loan program qualify. If you have loans through the Federal Family Education Loan Program (which might be the case if you borrowed before July 1, 2010, when FFEL ended) you will have to consolidate the …
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