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Lagos: Leveraging on SMEs for growth
He said Nigeria should borrow a leaf from India, for instance, which, in 1972, came up with a policy that mandated banks to give business loans at four per cent for between four and 10 years moratorium,. Mustafa decried a … Decrying the high cost of …
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Transcript: Read the Full Text of the CNBC Republican Debate in Boulder
FIORINA: But I also think that these are very serious times; 75 percent of the American people think the federal government is corrupt. I agree with …… So why are the pharmaceutical companies consolidating? … I had a lot of student loans when I …
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The Steady Trickle-Up From the Poor to the Rich
This costs you and me an estimated $ 3.5 billion a year—a hidden upward redistribution of our incomes to Pfizer, Merck and other big proprietary drug companies, their executives and major shareholders. … One reason is big insurers are consolidating …
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