Planning For College

When Do I Start Planning For College?

You can start planning for college as early as the first year of high school. Your high school guidance counselor can help you chart your future by choosing the right college for your personality, interests and abilities. If your counselor is given the sufficient time and opportunities to know you, he or she can provide quite a bit of help to you in different ways.

Guidance counselors can help you by the following ways to get you on the right track:

Determining Your Abilities And Interests: Looking at your IQ scores, and your past and present grades, your guidance counselor can determine which subjects that you naturally excel in. If your grades and scores have not been too good, then, your counselor will work with you until he/she finds the skills that you might have. Once your counselor has helped you to identify your interests and abilities, he or she will help to you plan your academic load to fit your interests. For example, if you are interested in the field of Journalism, your counselor might suggest that you sign up for more advanced writing or English classes or encourage you to join the yearbook committee or write for the school newspaper.

Your Emotional State: Emotions may very well play a role in your future planning. It is generally part of every school curriculum to allow high school counselors to gauge your present emotional and psychological well being to determine your ability to handle certain amounts of pressure as well as certain types of study environments and other factors.

Family Interests vs Your Own Interests: Sadly, it does happen that conflicts may arise when the student may want to study one a certain subject in college while their parents want them so study something different. This can cause confusion in the student in planning their future, especially if the student tries to please everyone. In cases such as this, your counselor will act as a mediator to help you and your parents see eye to eye on your college choices and convince your parents into truly listening to what you have to say about your education.

Picking The Right College For You: Your counselor will help you decide what academic path you need to take in order to attain your degree in your desired field. By working together, he/she will help you choose the college that fits your needs whether it is starting with a community college and later going to a small university, going to a large institution after high school or perhaps other options such as international study.

Choosing The Right Career For You: Many students might not know what they want to do because there are so many options out there. By taking the time to know you, your strengths and interest, your high school counselor will be able to narrow down the career choices for you until you are able to zero on something that engages your interest while making the most out of your skills and abilities.

By making an appointment with your guidance counselor, you will know which direction to take for your future as well as going to the right schools. This will save a lot of time, money and headaches.

Source by Lisa Sousa

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