If you do not know what the FAFSA you will discover in this article .FAFSA is Free Application For Student Aid. This is the first step in all applications for establishing a person’s eligibility for federal or private loans.

There is time limit and requires a minimum eight-week turn around time so application must be made as soon as possible . This procedure must be completed online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. When the application process is completed it will generate a form called the SAR or Student Aid Report. Please include an email address on your FAFSA application the SAR report.

If you forget to wite your e-mail address report will be sent to the postal address indicated. Foreign country institutions require the full eight-page SAR and this must be sent to a postal address. Once the SAR has been received, you are free to select the financial institution to secure the loan.

If you have any doubts about the process of filling out a FAFSA, a trip to the library may be in order. Start the search and find out everything you want to know. By doing the research up front many of the more common pitfalls can be avoided.During the search process, you may discover companies and businesses that offer student loans. Larger libraries may even have a computer section where you can file the FAFSA application.

The FAFSA process will also list the state resources and funds available and this is very helpful for a person who has not yet decided the next step. The biggest problem is that despite all the advantages offered hereby, students are uninformed. You must know that there is state student loan agencies that are available but you probably don’t know that they exist. By using the FAFSA process, all available resources are thus listed. This is a lengthy process and the loan application is also at times lengthy, so you should start as early as possible to ensure compliance in time for classes to begin.